Nuevos modelos de producción de metano en vacuno de carne a partir de base de datos intercontinental

Hace unos meses publicamos una entrada con las nuevas ecuaciones de predicción de metano en vacuno de leche, resultado de un proyecto FACCE-JPI. Hoy os informamos de un nuevo artículo derivado de ese proyecto, que establece ecuaciones de predicción de metano entérico en vacuno de carne

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NOTICIA: La Red de Excelencia NUEVA se pone en marcha.

Esta semana se ha celebrado la primera reunión de la Red de Excelencia NUEVA (Network for Updating Emission Values in spanish Agriculture, AGL2017-90924-REDT). Los avances de esta Red serán de gran interés para las Administraciones y los sectores productivos.
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Oferta empleo. Postdoc modelización en sistemas agrícolas (Göttingen, Alemania) (deadline 23 marzo)

At the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Göttingen (Germany) a Postdoc position ‘Agricultural Systems Modelling’ for teaching and research is vacant (to be filled as soon as possible).

Salary TV-L 13/100% (according to the German salary scale), for the duration of three years, with the possibility for extension subject to availability of funds; includes possibility of habilitation.

Details on requirements and applications can be found at:

Closing date for applications: 23 March 2018

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OFERTA EMPLEO|Posdoc modelización carbono orgánico en el suelo (FAO) (Deadline 6 febrero)

The technical Expert on soil carbon stock changes will support the implementation of LEAP guidelines on soil carbon stock changes in the Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model (GLEAM) and its open version GLEAM-i. In particular the consultant will:

  • review the GLEAM modelling framework and database and identify data needs and gaps
  • identify most relevant data sources and revise existing datasets in view of LEAP guidelines and latest science for estimating soil organic carbon (SOC) stock changes in global grasslands and rangelands
  • work directly with the GIS modellers to improve the modelling framework to incorporate assessment of SOC stock change in global grasslands
  • lead the validation of model outputs, uncertainty analysis
  • translate the framework into the interactive and open version of the model GLEAM-i
  • oversee the proper documentation of the modelling approach
  • liaise with experts and other partners for the continuous improvement of potential additional information and parameters
  • provide feedback to LEAP TAG leaders
  • contribute to publications
  • any other duties as required


The key functions of the experts to support the road-testing and dissemination of LEAP products will be to:

  • provide technical support to organizations and stakeholders engaged in the road-testing of LEAP guidelines
  • prepare data collection sheets and preparatory technical material for road testing
  • conduct life cycle assessments and complementary environmental assessments according to LEAP guidelines
  • ensure that feedback from road-testers of LEAP guidelines is delivered in a structured manner
  • contribute to preparation of communication material on LEAP activities and products such as newsletter, articles, policy briefs and brochures
  • assist in revising the LEAP guidelines according to the feedback received from road testing
  • facilitate development of LEAP environmental assessment tools
  • assist in the organization of LEAP events
  • any other duties as required